1. Observers are states and provinces interested in learning more about the GCF by participating in GCF activities. Being an observer is the first step to becoming a GCF member.
  2. Jurisdictions seeking official GCF observer status must submit a Letter of Interest in Observer Status to the GCF Secretariat and GCF Chair from a high-ranking official in the state/province, which introduces the jurisdiction to the GCF, requests observer status, describes its interest in the GCF, climate change, low emissions development, and REDD+, and designates a representative for purposes of GCF communication.
  3. The next step to receive observer status is for interested jurisdictions to attend and observe a GCF Annual Meeting.
  4. Observer status is voted on during the GCF Annual Meeting and must be approved by consensus by the current GCF members.
  5. Observers are encouraged to participate in GCF activities to get to know the GCF members and learn about how the network operates.
  6. As a general matter, there is no funding to support observer attendance at GCF meetings.
  7. Observers interested in becoming members shall follow the new member process described below.